Sorry for the non-post tonight (a true one is pending), but I wanted to say huzzah for Elliot getting recognition from Zagat’s 30 Under 30! He was featured as #10.

I wish whoever had taken his photo had actually cared about setting up a nice shot because he looks like he’s zoning out and is developing a slight double chin. Wow, so flattering! =_= Thanks Zagat photographer, you suck. Did you just accost him like you were the paparazzi and pulled a snap-and-run? Psssh, I could take a better picture with my camera phone.

That said, Publican’s Erling Wu-Bower (#28) looks like he was subjected to the same treatment, but at least he was given the chance to look into the camera. Not that I really care that much about him because I’ve never worked with him. (And I hear he’s a bit of a poser, but that’s another thing altogether.)

Also notable: out of the 30 featured, five of them work in the company. Truly, we’re a force to be reckoned with! But I’d like it if Avec wasn’t subjected to neglected-child syndrome every time a new sister restaurant popped up….

Congrats Elliot! May more accolades come your way! And may they take good photos of you, because it’s not fair that your other 30-under-30 counterparts got better looking photos (as douche-y as some of them appear… I’m looking at you, Craig Schoettler (#23) and Richie Farina (#6)…).