I was reading a manga and learned a phrase that makes me wistful and wish that I knew Japanese. Or that English could rise to a higher level of beauty. I have no idea really what I mean when I say this.

This Japanese phrase is “aun no kokyuu”, which, according to these translator’s notes, literally means inhaling and exhaling, but indicates that two things work together perfectly. Such as “two co-authors who have worked together for so long that they can anticipate each other’s needs perfectly.”

For some reason, this phrase, “aun no kokyuu” and its explanation moved me. Maybe it’s because to some extent, I’ve always got work on the brain. I thought, “I want to be someone’s aun no kokyuu!” I want to be THAT reliable, without it even being known or realized.

I suppose I’m being foolish and naive. Striving to this level means moving up the ladder, because surely I can’t just be someone’s aun no kokyuu at one station only. It was like a happy dream to work on 1, and now that we’ve hired new people, I’ll never be able to go back. And even now that I’m on 3, they’re already planning my next moves.

Still, I can’t help but wish to be the other half of an aun no kokyuu.