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Sweet Sweat

Maybe it’s because I’ve been away from work for a week, or maybe it’s because I took my regular pants home and was wearing my other chef pants that had thicker fabric, but I was sweating like a muthafucka tonight. It was a little annoying at first but in the end I was glad I was able to work up such a sweat working. Huzzah for sweating!


Oh, Snap!: No Excuses

No time for a full entry! Look at this pretty picture!

Herpaderp. I didn’t realize I hadn’t posted for a while until I’d gotten an angry text from my best friend about them.
Sorry! Life got in the way and I was tired >_>;;;

In the meantime, until I can write about some meaningful topics (like Katie’s last day), here’s a picture of something random.

This was taken sometime after Fred first started working with us. We found it the Sunday after we came in. I’m pretty sure it was Fred’s (unintentional) doing, where he forgot some dates and then left them in the oven to hang out all night while the oven cooled. It was pretty funny looking at them then, and it’s still amusing to me now, even though the picture’s pretty unsightly. I don’t even want to think about the soaking and scrubbing that went into cleaning that cazuela….

Little Musings

To the people who came in just as the kitchen was closing and at 12:58am ordered a hangar, whitefish, whole fish, and TRIED TO ORDER FOIE: you suck.

I know I’m not as spry as I used to be when I’m working and I haven’t gone to the bathroom in so long that my kidneys hurt. Urgh… it never used to be like this.

What’s more obnoxious than men who don’t take off their hats in restaurants? Women who wear hats in restaurants.

I loathe children in the diningroom. But I hate children with iPads even more. How dare you flaunt things I can’t afford?

Speaking of kids, I hate making special food for kids just because they’re kids. Hey parents, you took your children to eat at avec so don’t cop out and request that the line cooks make pizza with tomato sauce or pasta with only butter and cheese. Your kids don’t want to eat finocchiona salami or chicken & liver sausage? Take them to McDonalds next time.

It’s after midnight. What are you people still doing here eating? GO THE FUCK HOME.

Saturday service is a soul suck.

Oh, Snap!: My Little Friend

No time for a full entry! Look at these pretty pictures!

We have a lost and found box full of random things, mostly people’s scarves (though once there were three pairs of reading glasses and someone’s physics notebook full of calculations). On Thursday I dug around in it because I’m curious and found what I assumed was the mitten part of some child’s lost glove mittens.

Since it was cute and weird (attributes of which I am quite partial), I started playing around with it, fitting it over my fist and saying “Say hello to my lil’ friend!” and pretending to punch people.

Since I can’t make food if my hand’s in a fist, I left the little guy on top of the knob of the slicer. It’s a slicer cozy! I hoped people would comment and notice but few did. Or if they did notice it, they didn’t say anything.

Today Koren saw it and she thought it was cute and hilarious. She even found a tiny baby carrot and stuck it in its mouth to make it look like it was eating a carrot/smoking(?). Yay! Love it when my boss is in on the fun. Without asking, Armanzo knew the cozy was my doing. “How’d you know?” I asked. He gave me a look that said “Really?” and I acknowledged that yep, I’m the sort of person who does this kind of stuff.

At the time I was listening to the Talking Heads so I named it Psycho Killer, but it looks like a little bear my brother had when he was a kid and so now its name is Larry (Psycho Killer).

Hi! I’m Larry! When I’m not being used as a slicer cozy, I pretend I’m a cute shrunken head! Whee!

And Then You’ll Slip Away

I thought Elliot’s last day was last Saturday but Armanzo told me he’d be back next week, and lo and behold he’s on the schedule til Tuesday. Huzzah!

But’s it’s only delaying the inevitable. I work with him today (Monday), but I’ll be off tomorrow, which is his last day. Urghh… I don’t want to say goodbye.

Even though I’ve technically worked with him for about three years, I feel like I’ve only really started working with him for a year, around the time I started out as a line cook.

Commander Green, you’ve taught me a lot, even if I’ve had to pick it up through osmosis. Good luck in your next venture. Please visit often. I will miss you!

Don’t Let Me Down

I found out from a third-hand source some horrible, heart-sinking news that Elliot’s leaving us in June.


I wish I could talk about this with Elliot. I want to talk about this with him. But we’re not close enough where I can corner him and say, “Yo what’s up with that?!” I’m probably going to bring it up in one of our cab rides together Friday night. It’s no heart-to-heart, but it’s something.

It’s not like I didn’t see the signs coming. I’ve caught snippets of end-conversations between him and server Josh. But I just wasn’t able to fit the pieces together. And now I feel like the kid in class who was the last person to get the math problem on the board correct.

What will happen to Avec? And what will happen to me?

In My Other Life

I was reading a manga and learned a phrase that makes me wistful and wish that I knew Japanese. Or that English could rise to a higher level of beauty. I have no idea really what I mean when I say this.

This Japanese phrase is “aun no kokyuu”, which, according to these translator’s notes, literally means inhaling and exhaling, but indicates that two things work together perfectly. Such as “two co-authors who have worked together for so long that they can anticipate each other’s needs perfectly.”

For some reason, this phrase, “aun no kokyuu” and its explanation moved me. Maybe it’s because to some extent, I’ve always got work on the brain. I thought, “I want to be someone’s aun no kokyuu!” I want to be THAT reliable, without it even being known or realized.

I suppose I’m being foolish and naive. Striving to this level means moving up the ladder, because surely I can’t just be someone’s aun no kokyuu at one station only. It was like a happy dream to work on 1, and now that we’ve hired new people, I’ll never be able to go back. And even now that I’m on 3, they’re already planning my next moves.

Still, I can’t help but wish to be the other half of an aun no kokyuu.