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Oh, Snap!: No Excuses

No time for a full entry! Look at this pretty picture!

Herpaderp. I didn’t realize I hadn’t posted for a while until I’d gotten an angry text from my best friend about them.
Sorry! Life got in the way and I was tired >_>;;;

In the meantime, until I can write about some meaningful topics (like Katie’s last day), here’s a picture of something random.

This was taken sometime after Fred first started working with us. We found it the Sunday after we came in. I’m pretty sure it was Fred’s (unintentional) doing, where he forgot some dates and then left them in the oven to hang out all night while the oven cooled. It was pretty funny looking at them then, and it’s still amusing to me now, even though the picture’s pretty unsightly. I don’t even want to think about the soaking and scrubbing that went into cleaning that cazuela….


Living Without Soy Sauce

…is unimaginable. Especially since I’m Chinese. If I went to another Asian person’s house and there was no soy sauce, I’d be a little concerned. That said, I wonder if my friend Dave has soy sauce in his new apartment….

I mention this because tonight I made one of the worst comida meals I’ve made in my time on Station 1. If I haven’t talked about this before, Station 1 is in charge of making food for the dishwasher and nightcleaner. And if they so desired, they could make food for the staff too. Why we refer to it as “comida” and not “staff meal” I’m not sure, but when I think comida, I think staff meal, even if I’m only feeding a select number of people.

Anyway, long story short, I wanted to make something like noodle soup with this bag of shirataki that Koren received as a sample. It didn’t taste bad, but it would’ve tasted soooooo much better with soy sauce. I was a little ashamed to serve it to those two hardworking guys in the dishpit but I had to cos I’d made it and I didn’t have time to make anything else. Suffice to say, I cried a little inside as I gave it to them.

I have to bring some soy sauce dammit. Or else put soy sauce on the ordering list.

I just wanted to immortalize my shame in a blog entry so I could look back and remember, “Oh yeah, I need to stop making faux-Asian comida if I’m definitely missing KEY INGREDIENTS!!”