The NCAA tournament started tonight, which made for a pretty mellow night overall. Unfortunately, our newest hired foodrunner, Anthony, was not feeling it, and I was left a little neglected all night. He wasn’t very good about stocking up on cazuelas or shoulder/squid staubs. Sometimes he’d stand there, spacing out. Come on….

That said, the weather has been extremely awesome as of late, with today’s temperature a high of 80 degrees. Freakin’ awesome! I was sweating and enjoying it. Well, except for the part where it felt like my pants were glued to my legs with sweat. Ew. Still, hope the weather continues on this awesome trend. Something just short of a heatwave, that is.

I’ve been scheduled on 1 a lot lately. I want to feel weird about it, but honestly, I love being on station 1. It’s my happy little cocoon, even if I have to work it with KO on 2 and he’s being an annoying SOB every now and then.

He does have his uses though:

He fixed the stoves a little and we had four working burners that day. Awesome! Who knows how many we’ll have tomorrow, but for now, a boost to the morale. Huzzah!